Community Choir
Bluntisham, Cambridgeshire

Musical Director - Paula Downes

Important Information for existing and new members

​​Term Dates
Next Term Starts Wednesday 24th April, 2019 at Bluntisham Baptist Church Hall, High Street, Blutisham PE28 3LD

Fees are paid termly and the amount paid depends on the length of the term. Fees work out at £3.50 per week. Fees should be paid on the first week of the term by cheque or cash to the Treasurer. The first two sessions are free for newcomers

Our musical director sources the scores for each concert. On occasion you may be asked to print out your own copy, however if this is not possible we can usually organise to provide copies for you.

For most concerts we wear black. Ladies wear corsages and can choose to buy to wear black trousers or a skirt. Men wear dinner jackets, white shirts and bow ties 

Concert Days
Concerts are usually performed in a range of locations within the Meridian Benefice. Rehearsals are planned for the afternoon prior to each concert.

We meet for choir practice at 7.30pm each Wednesday during term time at Bluntisham Baptist Church Hall. Rehearsals finish at 9.00pm and we usually have a very short break!